LaVision Biotec's Ultramicroscope represents an entirely new class of imaging system, created by combining pioneering ideas from the last century with today's technical concepts. It offers exceptional new opportunities for:

· Whole brain imaging at cellular resolution
· 3D high speed imaging without bleaching
· High throughput phenotype screening

With LaVision BioTec’s Ultramicroscope, you can handle samples even a centimeter in size, yet with sub-cellular resolution. Based on a technique originally developed for particle analysis in 1903*, it has been refined this century for optical sectioning of large biological samples.

LaVision BioTec’s Ultramicroscope utilizes a thin sheet of light to excite biological samples while the fluorescence light is detected with a CCD-equipped microscope perpendicularly to the illuminated area. By moving the sample through the sheet and taking pictures at each depth, one generates a 3D image at cellular resolution in whole organs, using fluorescent proteins, fluorescent dyes or autofluorescence!

To date juvenile mouse brain, complete mouse embryos as well as whole fruit flies have been successfully analyzed. A few articles have yet been published based on sheet illumination of biological samples, so the field is open! Whether you want to chart neuronal networks, characterize phenotypes, study vascularization, or something else as yet untested, this is the emerging technology for you!

The Ultramicroscope can be customized to your application! Please ask for: high speed cameras, incubation chambers for in vivo work and high resolution optics.


Detector  CCD Camera

  • LaVision Imager Compact QE
    12 frames/s @ 1392 x 1024 pixel (others on  request)
  • 8 position motorized filter wheel (optional)

Excitation Optics  Sheet illumination  (Uni- or Bidirectional)

  • Thickness   3 - 40 µm
  • Width    0.1-10 mm

Detection Optics  Macro Zoom Lens

  • Magnification:   1.26-12.6x
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.5
  • Working Distance: 10 mm
  • Field of View:   0.7-7 mm (others on request)

Light Source 

  • 400-700 nm Laser (optional)

Sample Chamber 

  • Cuvette on motorized xyz stage
  • Travel range: 10 x 10 x 10 mm³


  • 540 (W) x 700 (H) x 550 (D) mm³
  • Weight 47 kg (without controller and laser)

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