The laser interferometers of the SIOS Messtechnik GmbH SP-NG series are precision length measuring instruments with a wide range of applications in research and industry.

They can be adapted to specific tasks and are characterized by easy handling and beam adjustment. The compact design enables them to be used even in confined spaces. In addition to small ball reflectors with screw and magnet attachments also plane mirrors, other tilt-invariant reflectors and surfaces with optical quality are used. The long-range laser interferometer SP 15000 NG is available in different versions for measuring ranges up to 40 m, 60 m and 80 m. By further additional components such as a 90° beam deflection in four spatial directions or a highly stable beam direction alignment for very compact designs expands the range of applications of laser interferometers. Depending on the application, powerful software solutions for measurement and calibration are available. 

  • Flexible, ultra-precise length measuring system
  • Modern industrial design, protection against splash water
  • Single-beam measuring principle minimizes Abbe errors.
  • Plane mirrors and tilt-invariant reflectors are possible.
  • Compact system for on-site use possible

SIOS laser interferometer system


  • Precision laser interferometric length measuring system as a measuring or calibration instrument for measuring and positioning stages, microscope stages, measuring machines, machine tools, hardness and materials testing instruments
  • Multiple coordinate measurements, e.g. on planar tables
  • Calibration of length measuring instruments
  • Eccentricity and concentricity measurements
  • Non-contact surface measurements

Technical Data:

  • Measurement range (max. distance reflector – sensor head): ≤ 5 m
  • Resolution: 5 pm
  • Maximum tilting angle of measuring reflector (Center of rotation in center of reflector):
    – plane mirror: ±1.5′
    – ball/hollow reflector: ± 12.5°

Download datasheet here.