2110 17 Micro DIC

Understanding the mechanical and material behavior of microscale components is extremely challenging and there is often a lack of detailed information on microelectronic or biomedical materials in terms of stress-strain behavior. LaVision offers stereo microscope based 3D DIC systems with special optical calibration models which allow the user to collect and analyze full field shape and strain in sub millimeter ranges. This information is extremely valuable in validating complex Finite Element simulations.

We work closely with the well known microscope manufacturers to offer the best solution for your requirements. A range of manual and motorized microscope bodies are available with varying zoom ratios. Together with carefully selected lenses and specialized adapters we can tailor the system to your particular application, taking into account important factors such as working distance. We have a recommended frame for our microscopes and can supply automated traverse systems for easy controllable repositioning of the system.

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3380 25 BR Micro Strain