StrainMaster Systems

LaVision’s StrainMaster systems provide turnkey imaging solutions for various materials testing applications. The systems include all necessary components: high resolution digital cameras, illumination units, synchronization electronics, mounting mechanics and software for recording and DIC computation.

StrainMaster Portable

The StrainMaster Portable hardware offers unparalleled flexibility and excellent stability in a compact package. Building on customer feedback and our experience of DIC use in the field, we have developed the StrainMaster Portable hardware. A typical system comes with a sturdy tripod, flexible gearheads, camera(s), LED illumination units and the Device Control Unit (DCU) X with integrated AD converter.


  • quick setup without tools
  • lightweight and easy to move
  • flexible positioning of cameras and lights
  • fully synchronized communication between connected hardware

Click on image below to download detailed technical brochure

2109 25 DS SMportable