The LS-1-CAL and HL-2000-CAL Calibrated Tungsten Halogen Light Sources calibrate the absolute spectral response of a radiometric system. With one of these NIST-traceable light sources and our software, you can determine known absolute intensity values at wavelengths from 300-1050 nm.

  • NIST-traceable Calibration from 300-1050 nm. Provides absolute spectral intensity in µW/cm2/nm at the fiber port

  • Sources can be calibrated specifically for a bare fiber, a fiber plus cosine corrector, or an integrating sphere

  • Calibration Certificate. Calibration data is provided in paper and electronic formats.

Calibrated for Use with Fiber and Cosine Corrector

The LS-1-CAL and HL-2000-CAL are specifically designed for calibrating the absolute spectral response of a complete system consisting of a spectrometer and an optical fiber and/or a CC-3-UV Cosine Corrector. The calibration data for both the LS-1-CAL and the HL-2000-CAL includes absolute intensities for wavelengths between 300–1050 nm.

Calibrated for Use with Integrating Sphere

The LS-1-CAL-INT is designed for calibrating the absolute spectral response of your system when using the FOIS-1 Fiber Optic Integrating Sphere as your sampling optic. The LS-1-CAL-INT comes with a PTFE diffuser plug that fits snugly into the sample port of the FOIS-1 Integrating Sphere to measure absolute spectral intensities of LEDs and other emission sources. The HL-2000-CAL-ISP is designed for calibrating the absolute spectral response of your system when using the ISP-50-8-I Integrating Sphere as your sampling optic.

Included with the Lamps

Each one of these radiometric sources comes with a regulated 12 VDC power supply. Also included is a calibration certificate and a CD with data files for use with our software.

Other Calibration Services

The LS-1-CAL provides 50 hours of operation before recalibration is necessary. We recalibrate these lamps in-house. (For more information on LS-1-RECAL, contact an Applications Scientist.) For those with spectroradiometric systems working below the 300-1050 nm range of the LS-1-CAL and HL-2000-CAL, see our DH-2000-CAL.


LS-1-CAL Spectral Output

LS-1-CAL (serial number LSC712) Calibration Using Bare SMA-terminated Fiber








LS-1-CAL (Serial Number LSC712) Calibration Using CC-3


LS-1-CAL and HL-2000-CAL Specifications

Spectral range (calibrated): 300-1050 nm (calibrated)
Power consumption:

600 mA @ 12 VDC

Power output: 6.5 watts
Bulb life:

900 hours (recommend recalibration after 50 hours of use)

Recalibration: Required after ~50 hours of operation
Bulb color temperature:

3100 K

Output to bulb: 5 volts/1.3 amps
Output regulation: 0.2% voltage
Time to stabilized output: ~30 minutes
Connector: SMA 905 for fiber; 6.35-mm barrel for cosine corrector; PTFE plug for integrating sphere



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