• Light Conversion OPA Orpheus: Optical Parametric Amplifiers for 1030 nm Lasers Product Comparison Table


    Pump Energy

    Tuning Range

    Extended Tuning Range

    Output Pulse Duration


    Special Features

    ORPHEUS 8 – 1000 μJ 630 – 2600 nm 210 - 16000 nm 0.7 – 1.0 times pump pulse duration 80 – 160 cm-1 Cost effective
    Pump power up to 8 W
    ORPHEUS-HP 190 – 16000 nm Completely automated
    Pump power up to 40 W
    ORPHEUS-Twins 9 – 25 μJ 315 – 630 nm Two independently sources sharing the same white light continuum as seed. 
    Completely automated, turn-key system
    ORPHEUS-ONE 10 – 1000 μJ 1350 – 4500 nm 4500 – 16000 nm 200 – 250 fs 100 – 250 cm-1 Twice the output in mid-IR compared to standard ORPHEUS
    ORPHEUS‑F 8 – 500 μJ 650 – 900 nm,
    1200 – 2500 nm
    325 – 450 nm 40 – 150 fs,
    user adjustable
    150 – 600 cm-1,
    user adjustable
    Includes automated dispersion management and pre-compensation.
    Optional CEP stable idler
    ORPHEUS-N-2H 6 – 100 μJ 650 – 900 nm 325 – 450 nm 10 – 40 fs 200 – 500 cm-1 Includes automated dispersion management and pre-compensation
    ORPHEUS‑N‑3H 10 – 100 μJ 500 – 800 nm 250 – 400 nm 15 – 45 fs
    ORPHEUS‑PS Two pumps required: 
    1) 5 μJ @ 1030 nm, < 300 fs;
    2) 25 - 1000 μJ @ 515 nm, 2 – 5 ps from SHBC
    650 – 1000 nm,
    1060 – 2500 nm
    210 – 5000 nm 2 – 5 ps < 20 cm-1
  • Light Conversion Orpheus: Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier


    Light Conversion's ORPHEUS is a collinear optical parametric amplifier of white‑light continuum pumped by femtosecond Ytterbium based laser amplifiers. With the additional feature of being able to work at high repetition rates, ORPHEUS maintains the best properties of TOPAS series amplifiers: high output pulse stability throughout the entire tuning range, high output beam quality and full computer control via USB port as well as optional frequency mixers to extend the tuning range from UV up to mid‑IR ranges.

  • Light Conversion Orpheus-HP: High Power Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier

    orpheus hp

    Light Conversion's ORPHEUS‑HP is a collinear optical parametric amplifier of white‑light continuum pumped by PHAROS laser. The device is a modified version of the ORPHEUS, with UV‑VIS tuning range frequency mixers integrated into a thermally‑stabilized monolithic housing. ORPHEUS‑HP also provides the option of generating deep ultraviolet pulses (190 nm – 215 nm), in addition to 210 nm – 2600 nm.

    The design of this OPA offers completely hands‑free wavelength tuning and automatic wavelength separation, also ensuring the same position and direction for all wavelengths in UV‑near‑IR region. ORPHEUS‑HP integrates a mini spectrometer for online monitoring of output wavelength and comes with specialized software that enables wavelength feedback and automatic calibration.
    ORPHEUS‑HP is highly recommended over standard ORPHEUS if the input power is more that 8 W or whenever the necessary tuning range requires both UV and mid‑infrared generation (for example 315 nm – 5000 nm).

  • Light Conversion Orpheus-One: Mid-IR Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier

    orpheus one

    Light Conversion's ORPHEUS‑ONE is a collinear optical parametric amplifier of white‑light continuum pumped by femtosecond Ytterbium based laser amplifiers and focused on mid‑infrared wavelengths generation in two stages.

    In comparison to standard ORPHEUS + DFG configuration, the ORPHEUS‑ONE provides higher conversion efficiency into the infrared range.

  • Light Conversion Orpheus-N: Non-Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier

    orpheus n

    Light Conversion's ORPHEUS‑N is a non‑collinear optical parametric amplifier (NOPA) pumped by the PHAROS laser system. Depending on the ORPHEUS‑N model, it has a built in second or third harmonic generator producing 515 nm or 343 nm pump. ORPHEUS‑N with second harmonic pump (ORPHEUS‑N‑2H) delivers pulses of less than 30 fs in 700 nm – 850 nm range with average power of more than 0.5 W at 700 nm*. ORPHEUS‑N with third harmonic pump (ORPHEUS‑N‑3H) delivers pulses of less than 30 fs in 530 nm – 670 nm  range with average power of more than 0.2 W at 550 nm*. ORPHEUS‑N works at repetition rates of up to 1 MHz.

  • Light Conversion ORPHEUS Twins: Two Independently Tunable Optical Parametric Amplifiers

    orpheus twins

    Light Conversion's ORPHEUS‑Twins – two independently tunable optical parametric amplifiers designed for flexible pump parameters and OPA configuration. The two channels can be separately configured to be a version of either ORPHEUS, ORPHEUS‑ONE or ORPHEUS‑F.

    Both OPA units are integrated into a single housing and share the same white light seed for amplification. The design of this OPA enables hands free wavelength tuning, optional automated wavelength separation and the possibility of generating broad band mid-infrared radiation, in the region of 4 µm – 16 µm, with a passively stable Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP).

  • Light Conversion Orpheus-PS :Narrow Bandwidth Optical Parametric Amplifier

    orpheus PS

    Light Conversion's ORPHEUS‑PS is a narrow bandwidth optical parametric amplifier of white light continuum designed for PHAROS pump laser. This device is pumped by the picosecond pulses produced in SHBC‑515 narrow bandwidth second harmonic generator and seeded by white light continuum generated by femtosecond pulses. This enables to achieve very high pulse to pulse stability compared to other methods of generating tunable picosecond pulses. The white light generation module is also integrated into the same housing as amplification modules enabling even better long term stability and ease of use. The system features high conversion efficiency, nearly bandwidth and diffraction limited output, full computer control via USB port and LabVIEW drivers.

  • Light Conversion I-OPA for PHAROS: Optical Parametric Amplifier I-OPA, Industrial grade


    Light Conversion's I‑OPA is an optical parametric amplifier of white‑light continuum pumped by the PHAROS laser. This OPA is focused on generating long‑term stable output with reliable and hands‑free operation. Manually tunable output wavelength extends the application possibi­lities of a single laser source instead of requiring multiple lasers based on different technologies.

  • Light Conversion Orpheus-F: Broad Bandwidth Hybrid Optical Parametric Amplifier

    orpheus f

    Light Conversion's ORPHEUS‑F is a hybrid optical parametric amplifier of white‑light continuum pumped by femtosecond Ytterbium based laser amplifiers. This OPA combines the short pulse durations that are produced by a non‑collinear OPA and wide wavelength tuning range offered by collinear version. The Signal beam can be easily compressed with a simple prism‑based setup down to < 60 fs in most of the tuning range, while Idler is compressed in bulk material down to 40 fs – 90 fs depending on wavelength.

    It is possible to limit the output bandwidth to some extent (up to 2 – 3 times) without losing any output power. By comparison, standard ORPHEUS device uses spectral narrowing to produce bandwidth‑limited 200 fs – 300 fs duration pulses directly at the output, with extended Signal/Idler tuning range and options to generate ultraviolet and mid‑infrared light. Our non‑collinear ORPHEUS‑N‑2H device produces even broader bandwidths, compressible down to 20 fs, but limits the tuning range to 650 nm – 900 nm. This places the performance of ORPHEUS‑F configuration in between our other solutions.

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