• Light Conversion T/PA Single-Shot Autocorrelator for Pulse-Front Tilt and Pulse Duration Measurements



    Light Conversion's TiPA is an invaluable tool for alignment of ultrashort pulse laser systems based on the chirped pulse amplification technique. Its unique design allows monitoring and measuring of the pulse duration as well as the pulse front tilt in both vertical and horizontal planes. TiPA is a straightforward and accurate direct pulse‑front tilt measurement tool. Operation of TiPA is based on non‑collinear second harmonic (SH) generation, where the spatial distribution of the SH beam contains information on the temporal shape of the fundamental pulse.

    This technique combines low background and single‑shot measurement capability. The basic idea is that two replicas of a fundamental ultrashort pulse pass non‑collinearly through a nonlinear crystal, in which SH generation takes place. SH beam’s width and tilt in a plane perpendicular to propagation provide information about the pulse duration and pulse front tilt. The SH beam is sampled by the included CCD camera.
    TiPA comes with a user friendly software package, which provides on-line monitoring of incoming pulse properties.

  • Light Conversion Geco: Scanning Auto-correlator


    Operation of the Light ConversionGECO autocorrelator is based on noncollinear second harmonic generation in a nonlinear crystal, producing intensity autocorrelation trace directly related to the input beam pulse duration. One arm of the fundamental pulse is delayed by means of a magnetic linear positioning stage, providing fast, reliable motion with < 0.15 fs resolution. GECO can acquire a full intensity autocorrelation trace of 10 fs to 20 ps pulses and covers the full 500 nm to 2000 nm wavelength range.

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