Infra-red (IR) lasers at 1064nm are primarily used for optical trapping, tweezing and manipulation of small particles. These techniques allow measurement and monitoring of the particles without interference from other mechanical or chemical restraining mechanisms.

The lasers characteristics are largely driven by the sample and the objectives of the application, but high power stability and beam shape are essential. Laser Quantum offer a number of IR 1064nm lasers, all using power control feedback to ensure the high stability, and with extensive testing of beam quality, they are ideally suited to optical manipulation and many other demanding applications needing IR lasers.

Our range of products and services address the needs of the research laboratories wanting individual specifications, flexibility and beam quality, and the repeatability, lifetimes and service required by OEM integrator companies.

ventus - Research grade 1064nm IR lasers with high specification, easy control and up to 5W power
opus - High powered red laser

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