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  • Laser Quantum: Lasers on a Zero-g plane

    Laser Quantum: Lasers on a Zero-g plane

    The University of Greifswald recently used a Laser Quantum gem laser laser on a zero-g plane! It had been used as a source for the light sheet analysing dusty plasmons under micro gravity to test a theory.

    The robustness of the laser was a key attribute in undertaking the experiment: The gem, which has recently been the star of the Laser Quantum video’s ‘The gem vs. series’, once again demonstrated its adaptability and durability when working in different environments. It was used in the application of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) where dusty plasmons under micro gravity were collected for data, at the time of writing this data is currently being analysed.

    The gem is a compact, high specification, single transverse mode continuous wave laser. Capable of outputting up to 2 W, the gem offers a highly stable, diffraction limited beam that is reliable in many environments. To find out more about the gem laser, please click here.

  • Laser Quantum: The gem vs. world-class production

    Over the past months, Laser Quantum have tested their gem laser under extreme conditions. Away from the laboratory, we have subjected this laser to being driven over by a Range Rover; being dropped from 20 metres; being frozen in a block of ice; being buried in sand and hammered with a wacker plate and being spun in a tumble dryer. The gem has survived every single test. In our final video of the series, we take you behind the scenes of our world-class production facilities to demonstrate the real test processes each of our lasers go through in order to meet our meticulous high standards. It is these high standards which have enabled the gem laser to survive the extreme testing from our previous videos. To gain an insight into our laboratories and our industry-leading testing procedure, watch the gem vs. world-class production now!

  • Laser Quantum take the Mannequin challenge

    The mannequin challenge has recently taken the internet by storm, with people captured frozen in time in a specific environment.  Laser Quantum have filmed their very own mannequin challenge for a ‘behind the scenes’ look into one of their working labs, where their laser manufacturing takes place. The video offers insight into life inside their labs, demonstrating the different tasks taken on by Laser Quantum engineers. Watch the video above for an insider’s look into Laser Quantum's labs, located in Stockport, Greater Manchester UK.

  • Laser Quantum: The gem vs. the wacker plate!

    The Laser Quantum gem is a compact laser from their continuous wave range; it has been faced with a number of challenges over the previous months to demonstrate its robustness and reliability. After battling with (and winning against) a Range Rover, gravity and Arctic conditions, the gem is being put through its paces yet again. This time the gem faces the wacker plate, a vibrating compactor machine, often used by builders. This is the ultimate vibration test outside of the lab. Watch the latest video now to find out if the gem survives…  

  • The Laser Quantum gem laser vs. gravity

    The second in the seriesof  Laser Quantum robust laser videos is available now! This time, the gem faces the force of gravity when it is dropped 20 metres high from a drone, but how will the gem perform afterwards? Will it still deliver specification? Watch the video above to find out.

    The series continues to demonstrate the robustness and reliability of Laser Quantum's lasers, focussing on the gem, but representative of the entire range, by preforming extreme experiments, outside of the usual laboratory environment. Although these instances are never likely to occur, the videos outline what these lasers are capable of surviving.

  • Laser Quantum gem laser vs Range Rover!

    Ever wondered how robust a Laser Quantum laser is? Ever wanted to see its reliability proved in a real life example? Well now you can. A series of videos has been created showing the robustness and reliability of their lasers, with the first one now launched! Watch above to see video of the gem laser being put through its paces as it is run over by a Range Rover.  

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