HighFinesse infrared cameras are developed for a broad range of applications. From reasearch, development to industrial process control, HighFinesse cameras feature a robust design with high framerates, low weight and great dynamic range.

The Lynceus infrared camera is available as a standard 320 x 256 pixel version and a larger 640 x 420 pixel variant. Both cameras deliver excellent measurement results and offer convenient compatibility with PC driven operations.

No power cord

A distinctive feature of the Lynceus product series is the power supply via USB 2.0. No power cord is needed. This eases cable management at the measurement location.

Powerful software & SKD

HighFinesse offers a rich palette of software features such as: image stabilization, storing images and videos, image histogramm, line profiles, image correction algorithms (brightness, contrast, gamma), dynamic image transposition (top-top, left-right), time control, image live view, and array control. 


Possible applications involve water and moisture detection, profiling infrared laser beams and analyzing NIR spectra or lasers, testing silicon wafers, seeing through glass, viewing objects with temperature > 400 °C and sorting objects according to their NIR reflection behaviour.