LaVision’s new ParticleMaster inspex system is a highly integrated testing tool for in-situ size, shape, and velocity measurements of spray droplets, particles and granules.

The high-magnification LaVisionParticleMaster inspex imaging system operates with a large variety of media and particle types. The compact self-contained probes and light sources in splash proof (IP54) design makes it ideal for application in harsh and challenging environment. The entire system runs "out-of-the-box". With the factory calibration included, it can be easily integrated into laboratory testing environment. Probes are available for different sizing ranges and working distances to match the individual needs.

The probes come with high resolution detectors for size and optional velocity measurements. The built-in laser-free light source guarantees eye-safe operation and ultra-short exposure to capture even fast moving droplets and particles. The whole system uses a dedicated controller for an easy use of the system. The ParticleMaster software package offers versatile analysis option like size histograms, scatterplots and weighted averages (D32, Dv50 etc.).

  • in-situ particle imaging: size, shape and velocity
  • no sample preparation required
  • compact self-contained probes and lights
  • fully factory aligned – no customer calibration needed
  • includes size and depth-of-field calibration
  • eye-safe LED operation
  • splash proof IP54 design

ParticleMaster inspex

The compact and highly integrated design of the ParticleMaster inspex aims for daily laboratory use and quality control testing. The system is ready to use out of-the-box, splash-proof and eyesafe. A well-defined mechanical interface allows the integration into existing test benches.

Measured Quantities

  • size, shape, orientation, perimeter of individual particles and droplets
  • velocity and mass flux from dual frame images
  • cumulated statistics D10, D32, percentiles Dv10, Dv50, Dv90
  • size histograms, scatterplots

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