LaVision is offering two new high speed camera models

LaVision meets real-world demands for high speed imaging of flow and combustion phenomena. A new 4 MPix resolution high speed camera is now available and fully supported in DaVis software. The Imager HS 4M camera (shown above) reaches unsurpassed 2.300 fps at full 4MPix spatial resolution. In combination with the dedicated Highspeed Controller (HSC) the new camera can easily be used for modern research projects that require high-resolution imaging with highest frame rates. Together with LaVision's unique high speed image intensifier module (HS IRO) and kHz laser sources the systems can be applied for combustion measurements like OH LIF etc.

A mid-range 2MPix camera with 1400 x 1050 pixel spatial resolution is also available allowing recording with more than 5.400 fps at full resolution. Both cameras Imager HS 4M and Imager HS 2M use modern CamLink interfaces for fast data transfer to the computer.