Ocean Optics: Save a Bundle on Fluorescence Systems


Save 20% on Your Next Fluorescence Setup*

Ocean Optics have bundled their versatile spectrometers with accessories and software for fluorescence applications such as protein analysis and medical diagnostics. Each bundle includes the spectrometer, their new excitation source with controller, a cuvette holder, patch cords and software. Select the QE Pro bundlePro bundle for high sensitivity applications and the Flame-FL bundle for general lab use. *Save a full 20% from normal pricing on these bundles for orders before March 27 2019.

NanoSurface Biomedical: Cells in the Dish Should Resemble Cells in the Body

Biomimetic Nanoscale Surface Topography Imitates the Aligned Structure of the Native Extracellular Matrix

NanoSurface Biomedical provides innovative products and services for drug development, disease modeling, and fundamental research into cell biology. NanoSurface technology imitates the native extracellular matrix and structures cultured cells into physiologically relevant models.

Cells in the Dish Should Resemble Cells in the Body.

Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes cultured in a NanoSurface dish develop structural and functional phenotypes similar to native cardiac tissue. NanoSurface culture is consistent, reproducible, and fast, which is why many scientists rely on NanoSurface technology as a new standard for iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte culture.

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Ocean Optics: 10% Discount Package on Robust NIR Spectrometers

NIRQuest with Olive Oil 960x820

Ocean Optics NIRQuest and Flame-NIR spectrometers are now available at great savings, with a special offer on each comprising a 10% discount, free OceanView software and free shipping. Choose the low-noise, high-performance NIRQuest for applications from 900-2500 nm. The Flame-NIR (950-1650 nm) harnesses the power of NIR spectroscopy in a compact, affordable instrument. It’s ideal for applications in food integrity, biomedical sciences and pharmaceuticals production.

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Abberior Instruments DyMIN STED + easy3D STED = unprecedented 3D STED resolution

From Abberior Instruments: A combination of expansion microscopy and DyMIN 3D STED reveals the ultrastructure of centrioles.

Please see the new Publication (link below):Chlamydomonas reinhardtii centrioles immunostained with Abberior STAR RED for polyglutamylated tubulin. Samples by P. Guichard & D. Gambarotto (University of Geneva).

D. Gambarotto, F. U. Zwettler, M. Le Guennec, M. Schmidt-Cernohorska, D. Fortun, S. Borgers, J. Heine, J. G. Schloetel, M. Reuss, M. Unser, E. S. Boyden, M. Sauer, V. Hamel & P. Guichard, “Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM)”, Nature Methods (2019)

Ekspla launch new compact femtosecond fiber laser FemtoLux green

FemtoLux 3 femtosecond microjoule class fiber laser 1

Ekspla's  FemtoLux green is a modern compact femtosecond fiber laser aimed for both R&D use and industrial integration. Laser delivers 1.5 W at 515 nm or 3 W at 1030 nm of average power and up to 3 μJ femtosecond pulse energy.

In some important applications like multiphoton polymerization, writing of fiber Bragg gratings, volume modification of transparent materials, nonlinear microscopy, silicon and sapphire scribing, marking of some kind of materials, different wavelength than fundamental output is needed. Important point is that requirements for sufficient pulse energy as well as beam quality remains. Having in mind such needs, FemtoLux green , femtosecond fiber laser, was developed. Unlike other commercially used fiber lasers, FemtoLux provides perfectly linearly polarized light with polarization extinction ratio >1000:1. 

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