Toptica: 48 hours in the life of a DFC

TOPTICA’s Difference Frequency Comb DFC is compact, robust, high-end and convenient at the same time. This unique combination is demonstrated in our new DFC video: 48 hours in the life of a DFC.

The DFC is a compact, robust, high-end solution featuring turn-key operation in a 19 inch format. All driving and locking electronics for RF references are integrated into the robust 19-inch housing of the Erbium fiber based frequency comb DFC CORE. It features 4 or optionally 8 intrinsically offset-free (fCEO=0) outputs at 1560 nm which can be equipped with wavelength extension modules converting the comb light to any wavelength between 420 nm and 2200 nm.

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Ocean Optics: Great Incentives on Your Next Spectrometer Purchase

Ocean Optics

When you purchase an Ocean Optics spectrometer and accessories priced at 7,500 USD or greater, we’ll include a powerful new laptop and OceanView spectroscopy software — at no extra charge.

Act now — this offer expires December 31, 2018.  

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Gentec-EO: Quick guide on laser beam divergence measurement


Lasers are in demand for their well-collimated, single-wavelength electromagnetic beams. The low-divergence, single-wavelength radiation and vast range of available laser power ranges make them one of the most valuable tools for material processing in industry and research.

Laser beam divergence is one important parameter to know for laser manufacturers and users alike who need to take control of their laser spot size. From laser welding applications to wafer dicing or eye surgery, knowing your beam divergence is a must for building a functional setup and to direct the energy precisely where it is needed for a given process.

Here we present important concepts about laser beam divergencemeasurement. Understanding them will help you avoid wasting your energy where it is not needed!

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Toptica: Multi-Laser Engine for Microscopy

iChrome CLE

The Toptica multi-laser engine iChrome CLE for biophotonics provides 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm with 20 mW at the end of the fiber. The cost-effective system is ideal for multi-color microscopy applications due to its compact design and economic operation. Even the 561 nm light is generated by a laser diode instead of a solid-state laser, allowing this system to be directly modulated at high speed (1 MHz) while maintaining complete-off, i.e. zero photons, in the dark state. The iChrome CLE is the latest member of TOPTICA’s iChrome product line which also includes the powerful iChrome MLE (up to 100 mW and four laser lines). All iChrome systems have a unified user interface, unique modulation features and COOLAC, TOPTICA’s proprietary and fully automated beam alignment algorithm guaranteeing consistent power out of the fiber.

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