Lastek is pleased to announce it has has been appointed distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Eitzenberger GmbH, of Wessobrunn, Germany. 

EITZENBERGER was founded in 2001, and develop, manufacture and market components that move on a micro air cushion, i.e. high precision, frictionless or very high speed air bearings and air bearing systems.

Multi-axis systems

EZ-0117 XY-Stage
Travel range 250mm x 450/800mm
EZ-0117 Datasheet

EZ-0714 XY-Gantry Stage
Travel Range 500/600 mm x 500 mm | Repeatability ± 50 nm 
EZ-0714 Datasheet

EZ-0715 High Precision Gantry
Travel Range 350 x 450 mm | Repeatability ± 20 nm  
EZ-0715 Datasheet

EZ-0730 High Precision Impulse Decoupled Stage 
Travel Range 850 mm x 500 mm | Step to Step Accuracy < 1 nm
EZ-0730 Datasheet

EZ-0745 ZC-Axis
Stroke in Z 5 mm | Rotation Angle ± 3°
EZ-0745-ZC Datasheet

EZ-4360 ZC-Motion System
Stroke in Z 310 mm | Rotary table with high load capacity
EZ-4360-ZC Datasheet


Linear axes

EZ-2352-066 Linear Axis
Stroke 20-100 mm | up to 4 kg payload
EZ-2352-066 Datasheet

EZ-2352-094 Linear Axis
Stroke 20-200 mm | up to 15 kg payload
EZ-2352-094 Datasheet

EZ-2352-094V Linear Axis
Vertical stroke 20-60 mm | up to 10 kg payload
EZ-2352-094V Datasheet

EZ-2542 Linear Axis
Stroke 150-350 mm | up to 10 kg payload
EZ-2542 Datasheet

EZ-4360 Linear Axis
Stroke 300 mm | up to 20 kg payload
EZ-4360 Datasheet

Rotary tables

EZ-0675 Rotary Table
Direct Drive | Ultra Flat
EZ-0675 Datasheet

EZ-0275 Rotary Table
Direct Drive | Allrounder
EZ-0275 Datasheet

EZ-0570 Rotary Table
Direct Drive | High Power
EZ-0570 Datasheet

EZ-0778 Rotary Table
Passive Table | Big Size
EZ-0778 Datasheet

EZ-0779 Rotary Table
Direct Drive | Big Size
EZ-0779 Datasheet

EZ-RP201 Rotary Table 
Passive Table | Ultra Precision | Different Sizes
EZ-RP201 Datasheet



EZ-1250 Spindle
80,000 rpm | Torque 0.064 Nm | Watercooled
EZ-1250 Datasheet

EZ-8212 Spindle
5,000 rpm | Torque 28 Nm | Watercooled
EZ-8212 Datasheet

Elemental air bearings


Eitzenberger Luftlagertechnik GmbH
Feichtmayrstrasse 17
D-82405 Wessobrunn

Tel.:  +49 8809 329-0
Fax.: +49 8809 329-29

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