The DFC SEED unit is dedicated for OPCPA and high power amplifier seeding that require phase-stable ultrashort laser pulses at 1560 nm and 1030 nm or 1950 nm. It combines an outstanding passive CEP stability which challenges the best Ti:sapph lasers with the convenience and robustness of a fiber laser. Long-term drifts of the CEP that are caused by a subsequent amplifier chain can be compensated through a dedicated feedback channel. The repetition rate frep of the DFC SEED can be synchronized to any appropriate reference.

  • Intrinsic CEP stability by DFG method (CERO)
  • 8 mrad RMS phase stability in 20 s
  • Best commercially available CEP-stability
  • Long-term CEP drifts can be compensated
  • Dual synchronized output at 1560 nm and 1030 nm or 1950 nm

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