Abberior is pleased to announce its collaboration with Miltenyi Biotec to offer a custom conjugation of Abberior Dyes to primary antibodies from Miltenyi Biotec. Abberior offers fluorescent dyes and labels that are exceptionally well suited for superresolution microscopy such as STED, GSD, PALM, STORM, GSDIM, SIM, and RESOLFT. They also give outstanding results in confocal and epifluorescence microscopy as well as in single-molecule applications.  Now, in addition, customers can use the conjugation service offered by Miltenyi Biotec to get the primary antibody of choice coupled to any Abberior dye.

Image: Vero cells labeled with Anti-Tom22 coupled to Abberior STAR 635P, Abberior STAR 600, Abberior STAR 580, Abberior STAR 440SXP imaged using confocal microscopy.

The process as as simple as:


1. Select an Antibody

  • >8000 off-the-shelf antibody clones
  • Targeted against different species
  • Recombinant antibody for high reproducibility


2. Select a Dye

  • STAR dyes for STED microscopy


3. Order Custom Conjugate

  • Turn-around time 2 weeks
  • Place your order here

Custom Conjugation

Improve the resolution of your super-resolution imaging further by using smaller fluorescent labels: primary antibodies conjugated to Abberior dyes.

  •  Direct immunofluorescence using primary conjugated antibodies offer the possibility of 10-15 nm probes.
  •  Thus, unlike indirect detection using secondary probes, there is no more background signal and probe size issues.

The custom conjugation service provided by Miltenyi offers you:


  • >8000 clones and Abberior dyes
  • Conjugate your own antibody to Abberior dyes.
  • Dyes for the whole spectrum verified in superresolution microscopy.


  • Abberior dyes optimized for superresolution.
  • In-house generated, highly specific, recombinant and traditional monoclonal antibodies.
  • Optimized dye conjugation service.


  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Experienced technical team.
  • Experienced support team.

Examples for primary labelled antibodies:


Confocal and STED image of Anti-CD107a-AbberiorSTAR635P labelled Vero cells.

Tom22 STED


Confocal and STED image of Vero cells labelled with Anti-Tom22-AbberiorSTAR635P.

cd63 STED

Confocal and STED image of Anti-CD63-AbberiorSTAR635P labelled Vero cells.

CD107a Tom22 STED

Dual color confocal and STED image of Vero cells labelled with CD107a-AbberiorSTAR635P and Tom22-AbberiorStar580.  

Further information on Flurophores for Superresolution Microscopy and to visit the Abberior online store, please click here.