Light Conversion's TOPAS-800-ps is a 4 stage picosecond optical parametric generator/amplifier. It is pumped by a fundamental harmonic of a picosecond Ti:sapphire laser amplifier and continuously covers wavelength range from 1160 to 2600 nm. With optional frequency mixers this range can be extended down to 189 nm and up to 20 μm.


  • Picosecond operation with pump energy up to 5 mJ
  • Energy conversion into the parametric radiation > 30 %
  • Tuning range spanning from 189 nm to 20 μm, computer controlled
  • Grating frequency selector for bandwidth limited output

Download datasheet here

Output Specifications are given for:

  • 800 nm
  • 1 mJ
  • 2 – 3 ps
  • 5 – 10 cm-1
  • Gaussian beam pump at 1 kHz

Note 1:
Pump pulse duration and wavelength affects the specifications. Check the specifiaction with us if the wavelength or the pulse duration differ from above values.

Note 2:
TOPAS output energy scales up linearly in 1 – 5 mJ range, provided the device is installed and optimized for a particular pump energy (the device has to be re-optimized for optimal performance should the pump energy change more than ±10 % from the installation value).

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