Light Conversion's TOPAS-white is a high energy two amplification stage non – collinear OPA (NOPA) with built in pulse compressor. A non – collinear pumping scheme of an OPA is used when the collinear approach reaches its limits in respect to broad spectral bandwidth and/or extremely short pulses (< 20 fs). The basic principle of operation of NOPA relies on parametric amplification of chirped signal produced by supercontinuum (white-light) generation. The non-collinear geometry is used due to broad amplification bandwidth in the visible spectral range.

TOPAS-white has a unique optical setup, which allows pumping the device with more than 200 μJ of energy and achieving more than 60 μJ of output at 550 nm.


  • Pulse duration down to 15 – 20 fs
  • High energy visible output (> 60 μJ @ 550 nm)
  • Tuning range from 250 nm to 1000 nm, computer controlled
  • Built in pulse compressor
  • High output stability throughout the entire tuning range

Download datasheet here.

Output Specifications are given for:

  • 800 nm
  • 0.5 mJ
  • 35 fs
  • Gaussian beam pump at 1 kHz

Note 1:
Pump pulse duration and wavelength affects the specifications. Check the specifiaction with us if the wavelength or the pulse duration differ from above values.

Note 2:
TOPAS‑White output energy scales up linearly in 0.3 – 1 mJ range, provided the device is installed and optimized for a particular pump energy (the device has to be re-optimized for optimal performance should the pump energy change more than ±10 % from the installation value).

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