Light Conversion's ORPHEUS‑PS is a narrow bandwidth optical parametric amplifier of white light continuum designed for PHAROS pump laser. This device is pumped by the picosecond pulses produced in SHBC‑515 narrow bandwidth second harmonic generator and seeded by white light continuum generated by femtosecond pulses. This enables to achieve very high pulse to pulse stability compared to other methods of generating tunable picosecond pulses. The white light generation module is also integrated into the same housing as amplification modules enabling even better long term stability and ease of use. The system features high conversion efficiency, nearly bandwidth and diffraction limited output, full computer control via USB port and LabVIEW drivers.

A part of PHAROS laser radiation can be split to simultaneously pump a femtosecond OPA providing broad bandwidth 630 nm – 16 µm tunable pulses giving access to the complete set of beams necessary for versatile spectroscopy applications, for e.g. narrow band Raman spectroscopy measurementsor surface sum‑frequency spectroscopy.


  • 315 nm – 5000 nm tunable wavelength
  • 2 ps – 4 ps pulse duration
  • < 15 cm-1 spectral width
  • Single pulse – 50 kHz repetition rate
  • Computer controlled

Download datasheet here.

Parameter Value
Tuning range 630 – 1020 nm (Signal)
1040 – 2600 nm (Idler)
Pulse energy conversion efficiency > 20 % (of Pump from SHBC‑515)
Pulse energy stability < 2.0 % rms @ 700 – 960 nm and 1100 – 2000 nm
Spectral width < 20 cm-1 @ 700 – 960 nm and 1100 – 2000 nm
Pulse duration 2 – 4 ps depending on pump pulse duration from SHBC‑515
Time-bandwidth product < 1.0

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