LaVision offers a range of scientific camera systems to guarantee optimal performance for any specific application. Options like fiber-optic input window, UV-sensitive coating or special timing units for synchronization as well as customized software are available on request.

Imager pro X and Imager LX are high resolution 14 bit CCD cameras with up to 29 million pixel spatial resolution and modern CamLink interface for fast storage to PC RAM. All cameras have a double exposure feature with an interframe time down to 100 ns.

Imager sCMOS camera contains a new generation of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensor and combines the advantages of up-to-date CCD and CMOS sensor technologies resulting in an unsurpassed image quality and system performance. The high resolution 5.5 million pixel Imager sCMOS camera with extremely low readout noise and high frame rates offers excellent imaging performance in the field of quantitative scientific (laser) imaging. 

Imager E-lite is a low cost 12 bit CCD camera family with progressive scan sensors. The compact camera head in combination with high spatial resolution sensor and Gigabit Ethernet is ideal for industrial applications in harsh environments.