Photon Force, the Edinburgh quantum photonics company, has announced a hardware module for integration into OEM products as an extension of its high performance PF32 Camera range.

The company manufactures the highest throughput, fastest time-resolved single photon counting camera and sensor products and has today announced the launch of a new module version to extend its PF32 camera family.

Shown at top: Front of module. Shown above: Back of module.

Since the company launched in 2015, its time-resolved product range has continually developed to meet the needs of customers, offering improvements from high speed variants to increased performance using microlenses. The de facto standard 2D SPAD array camera for use in research applications where high throughput and the fastest time resolved single photon counting are required, the range is now extended by addition of a compact module version suitable for building into low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) production systems. The module solution allows product developers full control over the optical path and easy mechanical integration.

Latest generation PF32 cameras and the new module now incorporate the powerful Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA, which can implement a range of Photon Force standard or customer-specific processing functions to hardware accelerate the application’s processing needs.

The new module adds to this a 4-lane PCIe connection to the host system via the industry standard OCuLink connector. This allows the user to maximise frame rate, whilst minimising latency and extracting the best performance possible from the SPAD array.

While the easy-to-use PF32 full camera products, compatible with standard CS-mount lenses and the Photon Force software suite, remain a great solution for research laboratory use and proof-of-concept work, the new OEM module enables volume production of compact end products embedding the company’s ultra-high speed single photon counting technology.