With the new DLPVA-101-B, -F and -BLN models, FEMTO offers sensitive voltage amplifiers for the precise measurement of small voltage signals. The devices replace the corresponding DLPVA-100 variants and are characterized by significantly lower noise, in some cases by an order of magnitude lower, while the range of functions and operation remain identical.

Models with different input stages cover an amplification range from 20 dB (x10) to 100 dB (x105). As usual, four amplification levels are available for different signal levels. There is a choice of bipolar input stages with an impedance of 1 MΩ for low-impedance sources and FET input stages with an impedance of 1 TΩ for high-impedance sources. Models with a symmetrical (true differential) input allow the measurement of differential signals. All models have switchable AC coupling and a bandwidth of 100 kHz, switchable to 1 kHz. Thanks to their high-quality construction, the robust amplifiers can work easily even in areas with strong electromagnetic interference. They are easy to use and can be controlled completely manually or via a digital interface (USB optional).

The DLPVA-101 models are excellently suited as universal low-frequency amplifiers in a wide range of applications. They are ideal as detector preamplifiers, for signal acquisition of industrial sensors and as an assembly of integrated measuring systems.