Quantum Composers introduces a new addition to their suite of Pulse Generators: The 9530 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator. The model 9530 is our most innovative instrument to accurately synchronise any series of events. Key features include:

  • A unique 19” IU form factor
  • 8 independent outputs with full individual programming and control
  • 100MHz clock input for direct laser synchronizing
  • Remote programmability—RS 232, USB and Ethernet
  • Dual inputs (gate and/or trigger)
  • Complete channel and system setup stored in memory
  • Provides 12 memory storage slots

The 9530's eight independent outputs, dual trigger/gate inputs and external clock reference input make it ideal for laser system timing applications. The system can directly phase lock to an external timebase up to 100MHz in frequency and down to 20mV in amplitude. This allows synching directly to a laser photodiode signal and provides complete system timing relative to the laser timing with low jitter.

  • The 9530 Pulse Generator incorporates laser timing and laser synchronization to effectively produce any series of events.  The 9530 is ideal for laser timing applications with eight independent outputs, dual laser trigger/gate inputs and external laser clock reference input. 
  • The 9530 can accept a low amplitude 20mV, 100MHz clock frequency, which offers the ability to synch directly to a laser photodiode signal and allows for system timing with low jitter laser timing. 

  • The 9530 can be used as a master time base to other delay generators or equipment with a 50 Ohm load. Precision laser timing is the foundation for the 9530 Pulse Generator - offering 50pS internal jitter and 250pS Delay and Width resolution. 

  • The following features allow the users to set up an  intricate experiment or synchronizing multiple timed events: Ethernet/USB interface, complex burst sequences, Divide-by-N, Setting Profiles, Dual Triggers, Clock Divider, Pulse Picking and Negative Delays

    Complimentary LabVIEW tm NI certified drivers available.

    9530 Pulse Generator Features:

    • Eight independent outputs with complete individual programming and control
    • Internal rate generator – 10ns period resolution spanning entire frequency range (20MHz)
    • Complete channel and system setup stored in memory – Includes 12 memory storage slots
    • Remote programmability –RS232, USB and Ethernet
    • 250ps laser timing resolution with less than 50ps jitter
    • Dual inputs with gate and/or trigger

    9530 Pulse Generator Advanced Features:

    • Clock input/output allowing master clock input up to 100MHz with whole system laser timing relative to that signal with low jitter
    • Programmable in the field – customization of features, upgrades and modifications through completely programmable FPGA
    • Settings and Programming saved when powered down

    9530 Advanced Programming Modes and Channel Properties:

    • Multiplexing – combines the laser timing of any or all of the channels to one output
    • Burst – Each channel can have separate numbers
    • Duty Cycle – N pulses on, M pulses off.  Duty Cycle setting allows laser firing at an ideal rate, but picks pulses out at the user’s specified rate
    • Channel Referencing – Any or all channels can reference the laser timing of any channel instead of T0
    • Wait – They system will wait for a pre-determined number of cycles before producing the pulse

    The Quantum Composers 9530 Digital Delay Pulse Generator series provides optimal laser synchronization, laser timing and laser triggers that precisely controls any series of events.