Thorlabs' Modular Integrating Spheres each provide a durable, highly reflective surface to optimally diffuse light. The sphere is constructed inside a cuboctahedral (fourteen-sided) housing that can be configured for a wide variety of applications. Each of the eight triangular faces can support a Ø5 mm port with SM1 internal threads, enabling easy mounting of our mounted photodiodes or fiber-coupled components such as LEDs or spectrometers (SM1 adapters may be needed). Either three or four of the square faces can be configured with inserts selected by the user as described in the Modularity section below. The two faces that are not modular provide a universal 8-32 / M4 tapped hole, allowing mounting to the 25 mm rail system stand (included with stock items) or a Ø1" post. These integrating spheres are available from stock as one of two pre-set configurations or ordered as a custom configuration using the tool below.

  • Ø100 mm Inner Diameter in Modular, Cuboctahedral Housing
  • Pre-Configured and Custom-Configured Integrating Spheres
  • 3 or 4 Modular Faces with Interchangeable Port Inserts
    • Inserts Offered Are Ø14 mm Dual Ports, Ø1" Port, Ø2" Port, or Port Plug
  • Up to 8 Ø5 mm Ports with SM1 Threading
    • Directly Connect Our SM1 Photodiodes (See Table to the Right)
    • Mount Fiber-Coupled Light Sources using SM1 Fiber Adapters
  • Durable, White, Highly Reflective Sphere Material
  • Operating Range: 250 - 2500 nm (Unless Limited by the Detector)
  • Universal 8-32 / M4 Tap on Side Panels for Rail System (Included with Stock Items) or Mounting to Ø1" Posts

The spheres are manufactured from PTFE-based bulk material that has high reflectance in the 250 - 2500 nm wavelength range (see Specs tab) and is resistant to heat, humidity, and high levels of radiation. This reflective surface is designed to have specific roughness and diffusive reflection properties and should not be cleaned using solvents, as this could damage the inner surface. We only recommend using compressed air for cleaning the inner surfaces of the integrating spheres.

Integrating spheres enable high sensitivity measurements of optical signals in a variety of setups. An integrating sphere causes the incoming radiation to undergo multiple reflections over the sphere surface, which diffuses and depolarizes the light beam. This makes it the ideal instrument for many applications such as laser power, flux, reflectance and radiance measurements, as well as creating a uniform light source for camera calibration.

These integrating spheres come with either three or four modular faces. Each modular face accepts one of four interchangeable Port Inserts, available below with a variety of port sizes, SM threading options, and tapped holes for cage system compatibility. Spheres available from stock are pre-configured for common applications and include a preset selection of port inserts and two fixed Ø5 mm ports. Custom-configured spheres allow the user to choose the inserts and up to eight fixed Ø5 mm ports.

Any of the inserts in the modular faces can be swapped for other interchangeable port inserts, including additional inserts sold separately below. The inserts are each fastened by two M3 screws; to exchange the included inserts with other inserts, loosen the screws using a 2 mm (5/64") hex key or balldriver. Custom inserts may be available for applications not served by the inserts available from stock. Contact Tech Support for more information.

Thorlabs can calibrate integrating spheres with user-selected sensors upon request and provide the pertinent NIST- and/or PTB-traceable certificates of calibration.