Standard RollerblindEncapsulated blind

Lasermet Laser-Blocking Roller Blinds are made from the same Lasermet laser-blocking material as the curtains and are made-to-measure to fit any size of window. They are available as standard or encapsulated options.

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When using Standard Laser-Blocking Roller Blinds for non-recessed windows it is advisable to allow an extra 50 mm on the height and width, giving an extra 100 mm all round, thereby ensuring that there is no possibility of laser beams passing through the window.

Encapsulated laser safety roller blinds are made using the same laser-blocking material as the standard laser safety roller blinds. However, the roller blind is built into a white finish aluminium frame, which encapsulates the top, both edges and bottom of the blind. This eliminates any possibility of laser beams passing round the sides of the blind, blocks out all light and gives a much neater finish.