The Laser-Blocking Curtains Lastek supplies is made by Lasermet using their specially-developed laser-blocking material.

Not only does the fire-proof curtain operate as a laser-blocking screen but also as a blackout screen.

Both sides of the material will block laser radiation, but if the white side is used as the laser-blocking side a higher laser blocking specification is achieved making the curtain suitable for higher power lasers.

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The material used for the laser-blocking curtains is fireproof. When irradiated with greater than 0.5 MW/m2 it will emit a non-hazardous smoke and may glow, thus indicating that a stray beam is present. Protection times given by the material at various power densities are shown in the specifications below;

  Irradiated Area PEL (T2) 100s
White Side 1mm2 3 MW/m2
  500mm2 0.7 MW/m2
Black Side 1mm2 1 MW/m2
  500mm2 0.5 MW/m2

The top of the curtain has brass eyelets every 150 mm and the curtain is supplied with a stainless steel hook for connecting to a curtain track. The weight of the material is 1.3 kg/m2. Heavy duty curtain tracks can be supplied for smooth operation and for applications where the curtain needs to be suspended below the fixing points high-quality cubicle curtain track is available.