The new Laird SuperCool X high-performance thermoelectric cooler assembly series utilize next generation thermoelectric coolers with advanced semiconductor materials. This enhancement boosts cooling performance by up to 10% over previous models. In combination with a high-performance heat sink and fan shroud assembly, the ultra-compact SuperCool X Series can transfer heat to ambient environments more rapidly than legacy systems.

Pictured Above: model SDAX-220-24-02

The SuperCool X Series contains three model types that provide design engineers with several heat transfer mechanisms on the control side. Heat can be absorbed via convection (air-to-air), conduction (direct-to-air), or liquid (liquid-to-air).

  • The Liquid-to-Air Models SLAX have a cooling capacity of up to 400 Watts
  • Direct-to-Air Models SDAX have up to 220 Watts
  • Air-to-Air Model SAAX have up to 175 Watts of heat pumping capacity.

All cooling capacities were measured at ΔT=0°C and Tamb = 35ºC with a nominal operating voltage of 24 VDC. These compact, refrigerant-free thermoelectric cooler assemblies provide an environmentally friendly alternative to compressor-based systems for precise temperature control.    

Above: model SLA-400-24-02


  • High performance
  • Compact form factor
  • Reliable solid-state operation
  • RoHS-compliant

Typical Applications:

Designed for sample storage compartments commonly found in analytical instrumentation or medical diagnostic chambers with tight geometric space constraints.   

Depending on the application, SuperCool X thermoelectric assemblies can be used for heating or cooling.

Specific Applications

For further information, including detailed specifications and interactive electrical and thermal performance graphs, please click here

Lasers, Light & other EM Sources