LaVision's intensified CCD (ICCD) cameras find applications in low level light as well as gated, time-resolved detection in conjunction with e.g. pulsed lasers. Due to the short gating (shutter speeds down to below 80 ps) scattered and background light can be effectively reduced. A precise timing unit for control of hardware components is included in all ICCD camera systems. LaVision also offers dedicated and programmable synchronization/timing and delay units for this purpose. 

IRO Image Intensifier upgrade allows easy upgrade of all LaVision CCD camera to full ICCD performance. This system yields maximum spatial resolution without intensifier for e.g. PIV as well as highest sensitivity with intensifier for e.g. LIF imaging. The IRO is lens coupled to CCD camera and allows gating times down to 5 ns.

LaVision's PicoStar is an ultra-fast gated, intensified CCD camera system with very short gating times in the picosecond (ps) range.