Trade in your old spectrometer to receive a great discount on one of Ocean Optics' newest spectrometers!

Need fast acquisition speed? Get Ocean FX!

Require high-def optics in small bench design? Get Ocean HDX!

Work with low light levels? Get the QE Pro high-sensitivity spectrometer!

Trade in any spectrometer for a discount of up to USD 1000/AUD 1350 on the purchase of any new Ocean Optics spectrometer of greater value.

Why Upgrade?

Take advantage of new Ocean Optics spectrometers that set benchmarks for remarkable performance:

  • Improved optoelectronic performance and robust communications via USB, Gigabit Ethernet, SPI and Wi-Fi
  • Great thermal stability for applications where maintaining consistency in a changing environment is critical
  • Fast acquisition rates for high-speed process applications, reaction monitoring and measuring rapid events
  • Spectral buffering for data integrity during reaction monitoring
  • Interchangeable slits for flexibility in spectrometer setups
  • Ultra-low stray light and high throughput
  • Amazing peak symmetry

Terms & Conditions

The terms of the trade-in are simple: Send us your old Ocean Optics spectrometer, and we’ll discount your new Ocean Optics spectrometer purchase by the applicable amount (see below).

  • Offer is valid from 21 May 2018 until 31 July 2018.
  • To qualify for a discount, the customer must provide an Ocean Optics spectrometer, or any other miniature spectrometer, or any integrated benchtop systems for spectroscopy as the trade-in. Ocean Optics reserves the right to determine eligibility in ALL cases.
  • The trade-in offer extends to customers with an Ocean Optics or other spectrometer to trade in toward a discount as follows:
    • USD 500 on the retail price of a new spectrometer <USD 5,000.
    • USD 750 on the retail price of a new spectrometer <USD 10,000 (Maya2000 Pro, HR series).
    • USD 1000 on the retail price of a new spectrometer > USD 10,000 (QE Pro).
  • The trade-in is available on a unit-for-unit basis – e.g., trade in two USB2000+s to receive two discounted, newer model spectrometers. You cannot combine multiple lower priced spectrometers toward a single, higher priced spectrometer.
  • The trade-in offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • The offer is not transferable.
  • Ocean Optics reserves the right to change the terms or conditions of the spectrometer trade-in promo at any time, for any reason, without prior written notice.
  • Terms, conditions and participation may vary locally. Outside the U.S., please contact your Ocean Optics country representative or distributor for details.

Trade in Your Spectrometer Today!

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