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Lyncée Tec SA, pioneer in Digital Holography Microscopy (DHM® ) launches its first 4D profilometry innovation challenge.

DHM® are optical systems measuring the sample topography over the full field of observation without any lateral or vertical scanning, just with a single camera frame acquisition. This unique technical feature enables to record time­sequences of successive 3D topography, giving access to the world of 4D profilometry.

DHM® can measure samples in air, immersed in liquid, under controlled atmosphere, under low or high pressure. 3D topography temporal changes can be induced by any mechanical, electrical, pressure, temperature, or any other environmental changes. It can also be the result of a natural sample physical evolution, such as evaporation or light exposition.

The goal of the challenge is to propose an innovative 4D profilometry application. Propositions should match DHM® specifications. The 10 best propositions will be nominated and, if possible, realized by Lyncée Tec. Participants will get access to results data. As a second step, an external international jury will choose 3 winners among the ten nominees. They will share USD 10’000 cash prize.

“Our DHM® technology opens an infinite new world for innovation. Researchers, engineers, quality specialists are not enough aware of the 4D topography measurement possibilities. I’m sure that this challenge will spread information over a larger community, open novel research directions, and improve product quality. I really look forward to discover each innovative application,” said Yves Emery, CEO and co­founder of Lyncée Tec SA.

The competition is open to all researchers and engineers. Detailed contest information, application form, competition rules, and awards information are available on Submission deadline is July 15th 2016.

About Lyncée Tec SA ( Lyncée Tec SA is an innovative, dynamic and customer focused company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and has a worldwide network of distributors. It offers matured holographic microscopes based on the revolutionary patented Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM® ) technology. Lyncée proposes a standard product portfolio, and its expert team has competences for customizing system to specific researchers and engineer’s needs, quality control on production lines, and for supplying OEM solutions.  

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