Laser Quantum venteon ultra femtosecond laser

 venteon ultra

The Laser Quantum venteon ultra laser system provides unique spectral properties with an integrated state of the art DPSS pump laser on a novel designed, monolithic breadboard. It is designed and optimised to offer the shortest available pulse durations. It delivers >240 mW of sub-5.5 fs (measured) short laser pulses directly out of the box (>3 nJ @ 80 MHz repetition rate).


Average Power ~240 mW Pulse Repetition Rate 80 MHz
Pulse Energy >3 nJ Pulse Duration <5 fs (FTL), <5.5 fs (measured)
Spectral Bandwidth >400 nm (@-10 dBc) Power Stability <1% RMS
Noise <0.1% RMS M2 <1.2
Divergence <2 mrad


  • Remote connection capability
  • 2 years/unlimited hours warranty
  • Low actual and FTL pulse duration
  • Shortest pulses
  • CEP upgrade


  • Two-Photon Microscopy
  • Ultrafast Time Domain Spectroscopy


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