Ocean Optics Ventana High Sensitivity Spectrometers

Ocean Optics Ventana

The Ventana spectrometers from Ocean Optics are high-performance spectrometers providing exceptional throughput and sensitivity in a small footprint. Designed to minimize light loss and maximize throughput, Ventana spectrometers provide exceptionally high sensitivity. This high sensitivity enables low excitation power for Raman and fluorescence measurements and short integration times for fast measurements. With its smart, modular design and compact footprint, Ventana spectrometers are a cost-effective alternative to integrated benchtop systems with no compromise in performance.

Designed for throughput and sensitivity

Ventana spectrometers provide exceptional throughput and sensitivity in a compact footprint. Instrument components are optimized for light throughput and sensitivity:

  • High NA fiber couples more light into the spectrometer 
  • Low f/# design allows more of the coupled light into the spectrometer
  • Anti-reflection coatings and optics placed in an optimized configuration minimize light loss and provide superior image quality
  • High efficiency HD Volume Phase Holographic Grating results in low stray light and minimal light loss
  • Back-thinned, cooled silicon detector array (Raman 785 nm version only) provides excellent quantum efficiency, low dark noise
  • Low noise electronics

 Sample Spectra:

Ocean Optics Ventana spectra


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