Glendale Laser Glass Technology (LGT)

Glendale's Laser Glass Technology (LGT) is designed to withstand direct laser radiation for short durations. Absorbing glass, dielectrics and self-healing plastics are combined to maximize visibility and weight and to provide impact resistance. 

 The LGT is available in the following frame styles: however some frames are not available for all wavelengths, please contact our sales staff for help in selecting the appropriate eyewear that meets the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1337.4 and AS/NZS 1337.5 (equivalent to European standards EN207 and EN208).

Encore, Small

Model #:31-20006

  • Stylish, comfortable OTG spectacle
  • Adjustable temple length


Encore, Large

Model #:31-21006

  • Stylish, comfortable OTG spectacle
  • Adjustable temple length



 Model #:LS506

  • Features a large 66 mm curved lens
  • Wrap-around spectacle design conforms closely to your face
  • Ratcheting hinge and adjustable temples
  • Packaged in a storage case with a safety cord.



  Model #:LS906

  • Lightweight opaque frame
  • Wrap around design with good orbital eye coverage



Model #:LS606

Anti-fog goggle design provides a free flow of air from bottom to top, producing cool, clear vision

  • Fits over virtually all prescriptions
  • Laser resistant frame with replaceable foam flange


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