Fujikura CT-105/CT-106 Large Diameter Optical Fibre Cleaver 

Fujikura CT 106

When exceptional cleave quality is required for fibres up to 1,250 ?m, the FujikuraCT-105/CT-106 cleaver family will provide both flat and angled cleaves that rival anything available on the market today. The extensive programming features allow the user to take control for optimal results. The ability to then store those parameters ensures consistent results.

Key features:

  • Applicable for fibres with cladding diameters up to 1,250 ?m
  • Automatic clamping system for fibres
  • Up to 100 storable program modes
  • Flat and angle cleaving
  • Excellent cleaving surfaces for special fibres, including photonic crystal and polarisation-maintaining fibres
  • Standard floating function 
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