Alio Industries Rotary Motion Systems

ALIO Industries has developed TRUE NANO™ precision rotary stages to meet and exceed today’s demand for high precision rotary motion. Our line of rotary stages continues to expand as we are willing to work with our customers to provide solutions that meet all their needs.

Mechanical Rotary Stages

mechanical rotary

Mechanical bearings rotary stages have been design with crossed roller bearings for improved stiffness for offset loads and rotational precision. Integrated with servo torque frameless motors these stage can handle most application where the mass and acceleration needs are extreme while still maintaining our nano precision performance. The ALIO attention to materials and machining is maintained in the rotary product line as with the linear products making sure the bearings and metal are located in ultra-machined parallel surfaces as shown by the machined lands on all stages.

ALIO rotary stages have standard with 0.2 arc-second repeatability with the ALIO supplied motion controllers. Standard mechanical crossed roller bearings are rated at 13 to 20 microns of radial and axial run-out with optional run-outs of certain models below 5 microns.

The mechanical bearing rotary stage family has multiple motor sizes to meet duty cycles as well as mass and acceleration needs from 80 mm to 300 mm in diameter.

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Air Bearing Rotational Stages

air bearing

When ultra-tight run-out precision motion is needed, customers can choose from our continually growing line of air bearing rotary stages. Whether it is exceptional stiffness or cost effective motion, ALIO can offer a variety of options to meet the needs of today’s nano-precision applications.

Mechanical Piezo Driven Rotary Stages

mechanical piezo

ALIO has built servo piezo rotary stages since 2001. We build these stages for atmospheric as well as UHV vacuum applications from 50 mm to 200 mm in diameter with application dependent torque and precision.  

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