Alio Industries Parallel Kinematics Motion Systems

ceramic servo motor

Parallel Kinematic Robotics, ALIO Industries (US patents 6,769,194 and 6,671,975) parallel kinematic Tripod 3 axis and Hexapod 6 axis robotic systems promise to revolutionize the manufacturing processes and inspection of products requiring nanometer precision.

In 2001 ALIO designed, built and patented the first True Nano™ precision Hexapod and Tripod robots. Over the years the ALIO Hexapod has been the standard for nanometer applications requiring a Hexapod robot. The TRUE NANO™ ALIO Hexapods with nanometer precision revolving around a virtual point in space with tool center point programming coupled with speeds of up to 250 mm/sec these robotic products form the basis of the next generation of automated nano-positioning systems for the most demanding applications in photonics, packaging, test, micro machining, government, measurement, medical and semiconductor manufacturing.

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ceramic servo motor

Ceramic Servo Motor Hexapod

The ALIO patented piezo driven Hexapod product family all come standard with forward and inverse kinematics allowing the end user to program not only the point in space but the path and velocity from point to point. This ability allows for multiple tool center points to be programmer within the same process. The product range from as shown 300 grams of payload to 20 kg of mass on the structure are available in atmospheric or UHV vacuum rated.

cermaic hexapod

Ceramic Servo Motor Tripod

The ALIO 3 axis patented Tripod with ceramic servo motors integrated with ALIO’s nano precision stages has all the advantages of a Hexapod platform from a motion and kinematic standpoint with large advantages in stiffness, work envelope, path precision and an order of magnitude more precision for True Nano ™ applications. The product family ranges from 150 grams of mass to 10 kg or mass.

Nano manufacturing has influenced all tools and products for the past 15 years but especially in the past 5 years manufacturing, nano structures, nano particles, nano drug discovery/delivery, nano level DNA, nano metrology and nano machines have pushed legacy equipment even Hexapod principles this is why ALIO developed the Tripod integrated systems in 2001 for these application where 6-D Nano Precision ™ is required.

linear servo motor tripod

Patent Pending Hybrid Hexapod™

The evolution of the Hexapod 6 axis motion system is the Tripod integrated with nano precision stages and a rotary for 6 axes of True Nano ™ precision. This platform due to basic physics can out perform Hexapod systems with Nano Precision ™ while increasing the work envelope and significantly increasing the stiffness of the structure making this platform ideal for nano machining and thermal bonding applications where reactive forces are common. The ALIO product family of Linear Servo Tripods can be packaged from 3 axes to more than 6 axes while still maintaining the ALIO forward and inverse kinematic equations.

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