CVI-Melles Griot

Melles Griot Optomechanics

Melles Griot offers a complete line of opto-mechanical mounting and positioning components for the laboratory and for production or OEM requirements. Whether you need miniature components, fixed or adjustable lens holders, post, rail or base mounting systems, translation stages, or actuators, you will find it in the Melles Griot on-line catalog. (Our components are available in both inch and metric sizes.)

Miniature Components
: Compact and modular opto-mechanical components, the Microlab™ system is designed for use where space is limited. Translation stages, lens and mirror positioners, post and rail mounting systems, are all included in this product line.

Mounts and Holders
: A huge selection of both fixed and adjustable mounts for all types of optical components including lenses, mirrors, optical fibers, prisms, polarizers, filters, pinholes, corner cubes as well as a complete selection of cylindrical laser holders. Adjustable mounts provide focusing and centering alignment capability for optical systems.

Translation Stages : Manual and motorized ball-bearing, crossed-roller bearing, and dovetail stages for precise linear and rotational positioning as well as flexure stages for ultra-high-resolution positioning applications like fiber alignment.

Component Mounting Systems : A vast selection of posts and post holders, adaptor plates and optical rail systems all designed for securely mounting opto-mechanical positioners and mounts to optical tables.

Actuators and Controllers : Manual, motorized and piezoelectric actuators including thumbscrew, micrometer and differential drives, stepper motor drives, piezoactuators and electronic controllers all designed to provide additional positioning options for translation stages, adjustable mounts or any application.

Fiber Alignment : A complete line of fiber alignment accessories specifically for use with our High-Resolution Translation Stages with the tongue-in-groove interface (see Translation Stages).

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