New Metrology products from Mad City Labs


Mad City Labs recently expanded its line of nanopositioning systems for metrology applications with several high speed, high stability, low position noise, picometer precision products. 

The Nano-HS3M (shown above) is a high speed, XYZ precision nanopositioning system with picometer positioning resolution. Other new products in the line include the Nano-METZ, a compact z-axis nanopositioning system designed for high speed scanning and ultra-low noise characteristics for demanding AFM and metrology applications; the Nano-MET2 and Nano-MET3, ultra-low noise, high precision nanopositioning systems with picometer positioning resolution; and the Nano-MET10 and Nano-MET20, compact, single axis nanopositioning systems with exceptional resonant frequency and low noise characteristics.

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Nature Protocols Paper on Mad City Labs MicroMirror TIRF System


Nature Protocols has published a paper from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brandeis University about the colocalization single-molecule spectroscopy (CoSMoS) method for studying cellular machines using the Mad City Labs MicroMirror TIRF system.

The technique of micro-mirror TIRF (total internal reflection fluorescence) microscopy is the only proven method to study the ordered assembly and function of multi-component biomolecular machines. The Mad City Labs' MicroMirror TIRF system is part of a single molecule imaging instrument portfolio and draws on Mad City Labs expertise with high precision, high stability nanopositioning systems and microscopy solutions.

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piezosystem jena

piezosystem Jena

piezosystem jena is a world leading company in the development, design and engineering of piezo, piezo electrical actuator based positioning systems for micro- and nanopositioning and nano-automation. In addition to the positioning stages the company also offers optical fiber switches as well as the fitting electronics.

The vast experience in developing and manufacturing of nanopositioning systems, which can be also be called piezo motor, enables to provide special systems and also OEM manufacturing.

The piezo actuators and positioning stages are characterized by an unique precision in the range of nanometer, generate forces of serveral thousand Newton and realize precise positionings in micro seconds.

piezosystem jena: PX500 piezo based flexure stage

piezosystems jena

piezosystem jena, provider of piezo electrical stages for micro- and nanopositioning, designed the PX 500 piezo positioning stage as an ideal solution for positioning applications that require fast, accurate opening and closing.

With dimensions of 48x20x8 (lxwxh) mm³ the PX 500 is capable of generating a travel range of more than 500 µm. The integrated pre-load is applied by the use of a special steel spring. Therefore, this system is suitable for dynamic applications with a very short response time. The unloaded resonant frequency is 418Hz.

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Piezoelectrical shaker for vibration excitation with frequencies up to 100 kHz from piezosystem jena

piezosystems Jena

The use of piezo shakers for vibration excitation has many advantages over conventional methods. Piezo shakers have a higher force potential as a result of their stiffness and their ability to operate at exceedingly higher frequencies. Due to their high power density they can be produced in compact sizes. These small elements can be used for modal analysis of mechanical structures. Massive piezo shakers with a seismic mass can modulate forces up to double-digit Kilonewtons.

Piezo shakers from piezosystems Jena are used in the following applications:    

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