Thorlabs Spectral Radar OCT Imaging System

  •  Real-time In-situ Imaging of Biological and Industrial Samples
  • Integrated Michelson Interferometer in Probe Minimizes Mode Dispersion
  • Telecentric Optics Provide Perpendicular Beam Over Broad Scan Range Minimizing Image Distortion
  • Application Specific Resolution: Standard, Deep Imaging, or Enhanced Resolution
  • Handheld Probe or Microscope Options (microscope available upon request, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Optical Coherence Tomography (SR-OCT) Imaging System

Thorlabs' Spectral Radar Optical Coherence Tomography (SR-OCT) systems are based on Fourier (frequency) domain technology which provides micron-level imaging of turbid media.  FD-OCT is a frequency-domain technique which offers several advantages over time-domain techniques due to the higher sensitivity that enables a significant increase in speed while maintaining high image quality. The resultant speed enhancement allows for rapid cross-sectional image collection, enabling facile imaging of larger sample volumes in real-time.  The Spectral Radar OCT is ideal for real-time imaging in clinical, surgical, industrial and material science applications.  Please visit our new Image Gallery for up-to-date application information including Human Cochlear Imaging and Ventilated Mouse Lung Imaging

This system was developed in collaboration with Thorlabs (USA), and two German-based organizations: Thorlabs Lübeck AG and the Medical Laser Center Lübeck. This system combines a broadband light source with a high-speed spectrometer to perform Fourier domain detection of the OCT interference fringe signals.


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