LaVision Biotec Asia-Pacific

Lastek is delighted to announce an exciting new venture, LaVision Biotec Asia-Pacific, which expands our sales and service operations beyond Australia and New Zealand for the first time. Earlier in 2012, we were appointed regional distributor for LaVision Biotec, of Germany, with responsibility for marketing and support of LaVision Biotec's range of optical tools for life sciences throughout Asia Pacific.

To support this venture Lastek has created a new division: LaVision Biotec Asia-Pacific. It will be led by Dr Stuart Rumble, Lastek's Senior Scientist. We are very pleased to announce that he will be joined by Dr Carola Thoni, who has recently accepted a position at Lastek. Dr Thoni was for many years the Product Manager for Confocal Microscopy for Leica Microsystems Australia, and will be very well known to our customers in the microscopy community.

LaVision Biotec's range of innovative microscopic tools and spectroscopic systems have revolutionised imaging techniques in many fields within current biological research. Their products include the TrimScope , a unique multiphoton microscope used to visualize processes in the living animal, tissue slice or cultured cells. 

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