Lyncée Tec Live 3D Profilometer

LyncéeTec Live 3D Profilometer

The LyncéeTec Live 3D Profilometer solution by DHM® provides a unique approach for 3D topography characterization. Additionally to measurement of static samples, Digital Holographic Microscopy’s (DHM) “live” acquisition enables 3D measurements on moving and deformable samples.

Key features:

High temporal resolution

  • 3D topography acquisition rate up to 1000 frames per second
  • Data acquisition time typically 100 microseconds, optional 10 microseconds

Live 3D measurement and analysis with metrological precision and stability

  • Large vertical measurement range, up to 200 micron without any scanning
  • Sub-nanometer vertical resolution
  • Laser based vertical calibration

Flexible instrument

  • Large working space around the sample for tooling and experimental set-up
  • Large choice of objectives to measure in various environmental conditions

DHM is a strictly non-scanning method acquiring the complete 3D topography with a single camera shot. Fast acquisition and simultaneous interaction and analysis with the sample provide new investigation and analysis possibilities.

It enables innovative 3D measurement possibilities, e.g. on moving samples, dynamical topography changes, surface finish analysisadapted for R&D needs and industrial inspection.

The solution encompasses a holographic microscope instrument by Lyncée Tec with a full range of microscope objectives adapted to the samples, and a dedicated Koala acquisition and analysis software. An optional motorized stage adds automation, fast stitching, and efficient sample screening.

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