Quantum Composers: 9250 Emerald Series Pulse Delay Generator

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The Emerald 9250 is the newest addition to Quantum Composer's line of Digital Delay Pulse Generators. This unit will come standard with a 1 ppm OCXO oscillator, giving you performance you want without extra cost.


  • 5 ps Resolution
  • < 15 ps RMS Jitter
  • “Virtual” channel timers
  • Up to 20MHz external trigger rate
  • Fast Rise Time, <2ns
  • Wireless Option Via Bluetooth
  • Full Customer Support
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Emerald series is Quantum Composer's most robust unit in this small form factor. 

This model comes in 4-channel option only, but has internal timers allowing you to have 8 independent pulses (delay & width). This unit has the ability to MUX channels, so any of the timers can be combined with any of the output channels. 

Included with the Emerald is a software application, Graphical User Interface (GUI) as the primary means of communication. The software allows simple and easy control of the unit via USB, or optional Bluetooth wireless, enabling the user to create their own complex pulse trains and save them for future recall.  

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