SensL B Series: Fast, Blue-Sensitive Silicon Photomultiplier Detectors

The B Series is the latest UV Sensitive silicon photomultipliers from SensL with peak sensitivity at 420nm achieving 40% PDE. The products are offered in a wide range of packaging options and detector sizes.

SensL’s B-Series Micro detectors feature improved PDE that extends much further into the blue part of the spectrum using a P-on-N process. As well as a significantly increased PDE, select B-Series detectors have a uniquely fast output, first introduced in SensL’s M-Series detectors. These fast signals can have rise times less than 500ps and pulse widths of less than 1ns. The B-Series is available in different detector sizes (1mm, 3mm and 6mm) and packaged in a variety of formats, including a 4-side tileable surface mount (SMT) package that is compatible with leadfree, reflow soldering processes.


The B-Series detectors are based on the silicon photomultiplier concept and form a range of high gain, single-photon sensitive, visible-light sensors. They have performance characteristics similar to a conventional PMT, while benefiting from the practical advantages of solid-state technology: low operating voltage, robustness, compactness, insensitivity to light over-exposure, and low cost.

  • >40% PDE at 420nm and extended responsivity to 300nm for improved UV sensitivity
  • <250ps of coincidence resolving time (FWHM) for LYSO crystal emission
  • Ultra-fast rise times of <100ps with 2ns pulse width for improved multi-photon resolution capability
  • Temperature stability of <20mV per °C negating the need for active voltage control
  • <30V operation
  • Available in low cost, tileable, reflow solderable surface mount (SMT) packages and various array sizes
  • .25mm, 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm active detector area

The new B Series detectors are ideal for use in medical imaging, automotive/LiDAR applications, radiation detection, and biophotonics where increased blue sensitivity is a critical requirement.  

Download pdf brochure here.

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