SensL HRM Time

SensL’s HRM-TDC is a portable, highly functional timing system providing flexible, easy-to-use timing functions. The HRM-TDC has four channels, each with 27ps timing resolution and a maximum data rate of 4.5MHz over high- speed USB 2.0 to the host computer. The system also comes equipped with 16 general-purpose, user-configurable I/O ports and a programmable TTL clock output.

The HRM-TDC system architecture combines a high performance timing module with a high-end FPGA, on-board memory and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface. The FPGA is the heart of the system and controls all aspects of operation in addition to performing commands from the external host computer. It uses a proprietary communication protocol for communication with the host PC running either the SensL Integrated Environment (SIE), or the users own application built using the SensL DLL. The SIE, DLL and LabView drivers are provided for the system.

For additional flexibility and use with the widest range of detectors, SensL have introduced the HRM-CFD which allows the HRM-TDC to work with analog detector signals.

For our OEM users, the HRM-TDC is provided as a low-cost OEM component along with full DLL and LabVIEW drivers which can significantly decrease the time and effort required to incorporate high end timing into your products.

Technical Highlights

—      4 channels
—      27ps resolution
—      Max data rate of 4.5MHz
—      Programmable TTL clock output
—      16 general purpose, user-configurable I/O ports
—      DLL and Labview drivers supplied