Toptica TeraSpeed Superfast Terahertz Screening Platform

TeraSpeed 01

  • Extremely fast measurements of terahertz pulse intensities (patent pending)
  • Photoconductive terahertz emitter + high-bandwidth Schottky receiver
  • Digital output: Data rates up to 500 kS/s, “snapshot” and “continuous” measurement modes
  • Analog output: Detection of individual terahertz pulses @ 100 MHz repetition rate
  • Robust setup without any delay stages or mechanically sensitive components

The Toptica TeraSpeed serves applications in quality control and process monitoring that require no spectral information, but call for terahertz intensity measurements at “extreme” speeds: the system is capable of detecting individual terahertz pulses at repetition rates as high as 100 MHz. An integrated data-processing unit converts the detected pulses to RMS values, enabling data streams at sampling rates up to 500 kHz – orders of magnitude faster than conventional terahertz systems. Bringing together several cutting-edge technologies, the TeraSpeed takes advantage of mature fiber laser technology, powerful photoconductive emitters and fast yet sensitive Schottky receivers.

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