Melles Griot Yellow DPSS Laser

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Melles Griot diode laser modules feature state-of-the art thermal management and mechanical design, resulting in ultra-compact laser heads that deliver minimal heat generation and maximum resistance to harsh environments and mechanical shock and vibration. 

With their small footprint and versatile system integration, our diode lasers systems are ideal for OEM applications in flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, and other medical applications.

Systems can be configured for direct analog and/or digital modulation, eliminating the cost, complexity and alignment challenges associated with external modulators.

All our laser products can be customized to meet your exact application requirements.

  • Compact and efficient design
  • Up to 200 mW output
  • Wavelength: 405 – 642 nm
  • Analog and digital modulation
  • Power stability better than ±2%
  • <0.5% RMS optical noise
  • Circular or fiber optic delivery available

Melles Griot 85 YCA-series yellow DPSS lasers provide up to 25 mW of output at 561 nm, with rock-solid stability over a wide operating temperature range. Their wavelength makes them ideally suited for exciting Rhodamine, ROX, and Alexa Fluor dyes. They are also a highly reliable drop-in replacement for argon/krypton lasers operating at 568 nm. The excellent beam quality, narrow linewidth, and low optical noise of 85 YCA-series lasers are ideal for scanning, microscopy, metrology, spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, fluorescence, and interferometry applications. 

Laser Quantum ventus 1064


The Laser Quantum ventus family of CW lasers is designed to exceed the demands of the scientific customer where flexibility, reliability and beam quality are critical. Each laser is highly compact, and can be operated via the control unit, simple software, Labview or with the Laser Quantum RemoteApp software that allows operation across the internet, and even connection for optimisation procedures.

With MTTF figures in the hundreds of thousand hours, each laser is rigorously tested for impact resistance via a drop test, temperature and power cycling to ensure that every delivery works first time and exhibits long trouble free lifetimes.

With a wavelength range covering 473 nm to 1064 nm and powers from 50 mW to 1.5 W, all within the same housing, the ventus family is ideal for research applications in biomedical imaging, microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, DNA sequencing, optogenetics and anywhere a high specification, reliable laser is needed.

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Laser Quantum opus 1064


The Laser Quantum opus family of lasers are characterised by their high power to size ratio. The opus 1064 offers up to 10W of infra-red light with a TEM00 beam in a highly stable and robust housing. Ideal for many applications requiring high power such as multichannel optical trapping  

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Ekspla APL2100 Series High Energy Picosecond Amplifiers

APL2100 series high pulse energy picosecond amplifier 1

Ekspla's  APL210x series amplifiers are designed to produce up to 1000 mJ picosecond pulses. High pulse energy, excellent pulse-to-pulse energy stability, superior beam quality makes APL210x series picosecond amplifiers well suited for applications like OPCPA pumping, non-linear optics and others.


APL210x series amplifiers are designed to be seeded by external seeding source. Diode pumped regenerative amplifier ensures amplification of seed signal to stable mJ level pulse for amplification in linear amplifiers.  Advanced beam shaping ensures smooth, without hot spots beam spatial profile at the laser output. Low light depolarization level allows high efficiency  generation of up to 4th harmonics with build-in harmonics generators. Read more.

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Ekspla Atlantic series High Power Industrial Picosecond Lasers

Atlantic series High Power Picosecond Lasers 1

Ekspla's  Atlantic series lasers have been designed as a versatile tool for a variety of industrial material processing applications. They are compact, OEM rugged, with up to 60 W output power at 1064 nm. Featuring short pulse duration Atlantic series lasers offers minimized thermal damage to the material, what is becoming more and more important in wide range of industries: photovoltaics, electronics, biomedicine, automotive.

Innovative design, employing fiber based oscillator ensured excellent output beam parameters: M2 < 1.3 with pulse energy fluctuations < 1 %. All optical components are placed into sealed monolithic block thus ensuring reliable 24/7 operation.

High, up to 1 MHz repetition rate, combined with low maintenance requirements establishes this laser as good choice for industrial, high throughput material processing systems, requiring speed and precision. Optical components are installed in a robust, precisely machined monolithic aluminum block, which could be used as a separate module for customized solutions. Read more. 

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