Ekspla APL2200 series High Energy kHz Picosecond Amplifiers

APL2200 dsc 0134 20171127

APL2200 series amplifiers are designed to produce up to 150 mJ picosecond pulses at kilohertz pulse repetition rate. Short pulse duration, excellent pulse-to-pulse stability, superior beam quality makes APL2200 series diode pumped picosecond amplifiers well suited for applications like OPCPA pumping, non-linear optics and others.


APL2200 series amplifiers  consist of regenerative amplifier and power amplifiers. System could be seeded by built-in picosecond oscillator or other ultrafast laser system.  Pulses from regenerative amplifier are spatially shaped and amplified in double-pass amplifiers with thermally induced birefringence compensation. Advanced optical design ensures smooth, without hot spots beam spatial profile at the laser output. Low light depolarization level allows high efficiency generation of up to 4th harmonics with build-in harmonics generators. Repetition rate and timing of the pulses can be locked to the external RF source (with –PLL option) or other ultrafast laser system (with –FS option). Read more. 


Angle-tuned LBO and/or BBO crystals mounted in temperature stabilized heaters are used for second, third and fourth harmonic generation. Harmonics separation system is designed to ensure high spectral purity of radiation and direct it to the output ports.


For customer convenience the amplifier can be controlled through user-friendly remote control pad or USB interface. Alternatively, the amplifier can be controlled from personal computer with supplied software for Windows™ operating system. LabVIEW™ drivers are supplied as well.

Download datasheet here.

  • Diode pumped picosecond amplifiers
  • Pulse energies up to 150 mJ
  • 20 – 80 ps pulses
  • 1 kHz pulse repetition rate


  • High pulse energy at kHz rates
  • Diode pumped solid state design
  • Cooled by supplied chiller – tap water is not required
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Remote control pad
  • PC control via USB with supplied LabVIEW™ drivers
  • Optional temperature stabilized second, third and fourth harmonic generators


  • OPG/OPA pumping
  • OPCPA pumping
  • Other spectroscopic and nonlinear optics applications…
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