Ekspla SL330 Series SBS Compressed Picosecond Nd:YAG Lasers

Picosecond SBS compressed high energy NdYAG lasers SL330 series 2

Ekspla's SL300 series lasers are an excellent solution for applications that require high energy picosecond pulses. Pulse compression during backward‑stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS), used in EKSPLA SL300 series lasers, is a simple and cost‑efficient way to generate picosecond pulses, with the unique capability of producing pulses with tunable duration.

An electro-optically Q-switched Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) nanosecond generator is the heart of the system. Instead of external narrow linewidth diode lasers, the selective properties of Fabry-Perrot etalon, and a laser cavity are used to produce SLM pulses with a smooth temporal envelope. In scientific literature this method of generating SLM pulses is known as a selfseeding technique.

Pulse compression is done in a SBS‑cell. Depending on the geometry of interaction, a pulse with duration in the 170 – 1500 ps range can be produced. Pulse duration can be tuned in discrete steps when a variable pulse duration option (-VPx) is installed. After SBS compression, the pulse is directed to a multi-pass power amplifier system for amplification to up to 500 mJ energy.

Temperature controlled harmonics generators, based on angle-tuned KD*P and KDP crystals and harmonic separation optics, are available as standard options. Each wavelength has a separate output port.

A power supply and cooling units are placed in a standard 19” rack that requires little space under an optical table. The very low jitter of the optical pulse relative to the Q-switch triggering pulse ensures reliable synchronization of the laser with external equipment. For customer convenience the laser can be controlled from a user-friendly remote control pad or RS232 interface. The remote pad allows easy control of all laser parameters and features a backlit display that is easy to read even when wearing laser safety eyewear. Alternatively, the laser can be controlled from a personal computer with supplied software for a Windows™ operating system. LabView™ drivers are supplied as well. Read more

 Download datasheet here.

  • High brightness flash lamp pumped picosecond Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Up to 500 mJ
  • Tunable pulse duration option (150 – 1500 ps)


  • Innovative and cost-efficient design
  • Up to 500 mJ per pulse at 1064 nm
  • 150 ps pulse duration
  • Self seeding SLM master oscillator
  • More than 10⁵ : 1 pre-pulse contrast ratio
  • Low jitter external triggering
  • Versatile synchronization possibilities
  • Variable pulse duration option
  • LabVIEW™ drivers for convenient control from PC via RS232 port
  • Remote control via keypad
  • Compact laser head and power supply cabinet


  • Plasma research
  • Medical
  • Material ablation and deposition
  • Holography
  • Absorption spectroscopy of laser induced plasmas
  • Satellite ranging
  • EUV light source development for photolithography
  • OPCPA pumping
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