Ekspla SL230 Series SBS Compressed Picosecond Nd:YAG Lasers

SL230 series SBS compressed NdYAG laser 1

Ekspla's  SL 230 series lasers are excellent solution for applications, where high energy picosecond pulses are needed. Not like conventional mode-locked lasers that typically uses saturable nonlinear absorption or Kerr lensing to produce ultrafast pulses, the SL230 series lasers employ backwardstimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in liquid for the same purpose.

Innovative Design

Diode pumped electro-optically Q-switched single longitudinal mode (SLM) nanosecond generator is the heart of the system. It provides nanosecond optical pulse that is later compressed during SBS in a special cell.

Q-switched master oscillator allows precise external triggering with jitter of less than 0.2 ns rms while modelocked lasers typically have jitters of at least of tens of nanoseconds or even worse. Precise sync pulses from internal delay generator are also available with less than 200 ps rms jitter in respect to optical pulse.

Pulse compression is done in SBS‑cell. The geometry of interaction is designed to produce shortest and most stable pulses with 100 ps duration. After SBS compression, pulse is directed to multi-pass flashlamp pumped power amplifier for amplification to up to 250 mJ pulse energy.

Some versions, like SL230 and SL231 are available with diode pumped power amplifier. Thermocontrolled harmonics generators, based on angle-tuned KD*P and KDP crystals and harmonic separation optics are available as standard options. Each wavelength has a separate output port.

Build in energy monitors continuously monitors output pulse energy. Data from the energy monitor can be seen on the remote keypad or on PC screen. Power supply and cooling units are mounted into standard 19” rack.

Simple and Convenient Laser Control

Laser is controlled by PC via USB port with application for Windows™ operating system. In addition, major settings of laser can be controlled through user‑friendly remote control pad. The remote pad features a backlit display that is easy to read even while wearing laser safety eyewear. Read more. 

Download datasheet here.

  • High brightness picosecond Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Up to 250 mJ
  • Tunable pulse duration option (100 – 1500 ps)
  • Diode pumped stable oscillator


  • Diode pumped Q-switched SLM master oscillator
  • Flashlamp pumped power amplifier for up to 250 mJ pulse energy at 1064 nm
  • Advanced SBS compression produces pulses down to 100 ps duration
  • Up to 50 Hz pulse repetition rate
  • Excellent pre-pulse contrast ratio
  • Thermo stabilized second, third or fourth harmonic generator options
  • Low jitter external triggering
  • Pre-trigger option produces sync pulses with <200 ps rms jitter
  • Laser control from PC via USB port
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Plasma research
  • Material ablation and deposition
  • Holography
  • Remote laser sensing
  • Satellite ranging
  • OPCPA pumping
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