Ekspla PL2250 Series Flashlamp Pumped Picosecond Nd:YAG Lasers

PL2250 series flash lamp pumped picosecond NdYAG laser

Ekspla's PL2250 series lasers set a new standard in high pulse energy picosecond lasers. Their innovative and cost-effective design improves laser reliability and reduces running and maintenance costs.

Innovative Design

The heart of the system is a diode pumped solid state (DPSS) master oscillator placed in a hermetically sealed monolithic block. The flashlamp pumped regenerative amplifier is replaced by an innovative diode pumped regenerative amplifier. Diode pumping results in negligible thermal lensing, which allows operation of the regenerative amplifier at variable repetition rates, as well as improved long-term stability and maintenance-free operation.

The optimized multiple-pass power amplifier is flashlamp pumped and is optimized for efficient amplification of pulse while maintaining a near Gaussian beam profile and low wavefront distortion. The output pulse energy can be adjusted in approximately 1% steps, at the same time as pulse-to-pulse energy stability remains less than 0.8% rms at 1064 nm. Angle‑tuned KD*P and KDP crystals mounted in thermostabilised ovens are used for second, third and fourth harmonic generation. Harmonics separators ensure the high spectral purity of each harmonic directed to different output ports. Read more.

Built-in energy monitors continuously monitor output pulse energy. Data from the energy monitor can be seen on the remote keypad or PC monitor. The laser provides several triggering pulses for synchronization of the customer‘s equipment. The lead or delay of the triggering pulse can be adjusted in 0.25 ns steps from the control pad or PC. Up to 1000 μs lead of triggering pulse is available as a pretrigger option.

Precise pulse energy control, excellent short-term and long-term stability, and up to 50 Hz repetition rate makes PL2250 series lasers an excellent choice for many demanding scientific applications.

Simple and Convenient Laser Control

For customer convenience the laser can be controlled from a user-friendly remote control pad or USB interface. The remote pad allows easy control of all parameters and features a backlit display that is easy to read even while wearing laser safety eyewear. Alternatively, the laser can be controlled from a personal computer with supplied software for a Windows™ operating system. LabVIEW™ drivers are supplied as well. 

Download datasheet here.

  • Flash lamp pumped high pulse energy mode-locked lasers
  • Up to 200 mJ
  • 20 – 80 ps pulses
  • 10 – 50 Hz pulse repetition rate


  • Hermetically sealed DPSS master oscillator
  • Diode pumped regenerative amplifier
  • Flashlamp pumped power amplifier producing up to 100 mJ per pulse at 1064 nm
  • 30 ps pulse duration (20 ps optional)
  • Excellent pulse duration stability
  • Up to 50 Hz repetition rate
  • Streak camera triggering pulse with <10 ps rms jitter
  • Excellent beam pointing stability
  • Thermo stabilized second, third or fourth harmonic generator options
  • PC control via USB and LabVIEW™ drivers (RS232 control is optional)
  • Remote control via keypad


  • Time resolved spectroscopy
  • SFG/SHG spectroscopy
  • Nonlinear spectroscopy
  • OPG pumping
  • Remote laser sensing
  • Satellite ranging
  • Other spectroscopic and nonlinear optics experiments
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